Kucoin swap

kucoin swap

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How to Convert BTC to USDT on KuCoin (2022) - How To Swap Bitcoin to USDT
KuCoin does not currently support purchasing Centric Swap (CNS). However, you can purchase CNS using a credit card at another centralized or decentralized. KuCoin will support the Quickswap (QUICK) token swap and automatically complete the token swap from the old Quickswap (QUICK) to the new. KuCoin will support the Pepe (PEPE2) token swap and complete the token swap automatically for Pepe (PEPE2) holders.
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Official Announcement. After you have selected a currency pair to swap, enter your wallet details and put the specified volume of currency to be exchanged to the shown address. Determine the crypto asset you want to swap. KuCoin Will Support the Pepe 2. You will be required to write down your wallet public address at the time of the transaction in order to collect funds.