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As-Salamu Alaykum
(Peace be upon you)
Islamic Center of Las Cruces
1065 E Boutz Road
Las Cruces, NM 88001


  • Ramadan time calendar (27-May-2017)
    The prayer time table for the Ramadan 2017 is attached. It is also available in website. You can download it from the homepage.
  • Prayer time calendar (07-Mar-2017)
    The prayer time table for the whole year of 2017 is ready. It is also available in website. You can download it from the homepage.
  • A Community Prayer Service (02-Feb-2017)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, There will be a interfaith Community Prayer Service on Friday, February 3rd at 11:30am in St. Albert the Great Newman Parish 2615 S. Solano. In response to recent events, interfaith leaders from the Las Cruces community are offering this opportunity for community members to unite their voices in thoughtful prayer and reflection. Everyone, Please try to attend. The details can be found in the attached flyer.
  • Protest @ ICOLC (02-Feb-2017)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today Islamic Center of Las Cruces has been highlighted by Las Cruces Sun-News after a successful protest event was held at the mosque on last Tuesday evening (31st Jan 2017). Here is a link to the article in Sun-News. You can also find some pictures to the event in our website image gallery (
  • Call to Action (30-Jan-2017)
    This is a call for non-violent unity for tomorrow evening, Tuesday, January 31, 6:00 - 6:45pm at the Islamic Center of Las Cruces, 1065 E. Boutz. The focus will be to demonstrate our opposition to the immoral and illegal Executive Order curtailing travel and entry of Muslims, deportation of long-time residents in our community, and the building of a wall that will cost billions of dollars that would be better spent improving the lives of people. Already Muslim women in our community have been harassed, the Islamic Center has received a piece of hate mail, and I believe somebody's property has been damaged. The time to act is NOW, and the way to act is TOGETHER in love. May the spirit of love guide us to do justice for all. Please let me know if you wish to speak at the event and PLEASE forward this message to your friends. With justice and love, -Jan Thompson
  • Goodbye message from Abu Khalid (30-Sep-2016)
    اخواني اتقدم الى كل فرد فيكم خالص تحياتي واحترامي حيث امضيت ثلاث سنوات بينكم وكنتم خير اهل لي اخوان واصدقاء عرب ومسلمين الامر الذي نسيت فيه متاعب ومصاعب هذه الغربه التقينا تجاذبنا اطراف الحديث تناصحنا تسامرنا تشاركنا ارتحلنا وقد حان موعد عودتي ورحيلي فانني اطلب منكم المسامحه لعلني يوماً ما رميت احد اخواني بغير قصد مني بكلمه او خالفته برأي او ازعجته بحديث فانني وقبل الوداع اعتذر منكم جميعاً ويشهد الله انني وخلال فترة اقامتي نذرت نفسي لخدمة المسجد واصلاح ذات البين وكنت المستفيد الاكبر استفدت ممن هم اكبر مني سناً وممن هم اصغر مني سناً فربحت وخسرت في آن معاً ربحت معرفتكم وخسرت البقاء معكم وانني اذ اتمنى للجميع التوفيق والنجاح للمقيمين والمغادرين الطلبه لارجوا الله ان يمتعكم بموفور الصحه والسعاده وان يهديكم الى طريق الرشاد ويسدد خطاكم انتم واسركم انه نعم المولى ونعم النصير اخوكم محمود البطاينه / ابو خالد. ٢٠١٦/9/٣٠ Dear Brothers, I want to send to everyone of you my sincere greetings and respect. I spent three years with you. You are the best people to me as brothers and friends . We met we chatted ,but now it is time for my return and departure, I ask for your forgiveness. If one day l said unintentionally inappropriate word to one of you or disagreed with his opinion or his speech, l apologize to everyone before I say goodbye. God is my witness, that during my time I dedicated myself to the service of the Mosque and mending fences . I gained knowledge and lost the staying with you. While I wish everyone luck and success for residents and departing. I hope that God enjoys you a healthy happy and guide you all to the path of goodness. You and your families I do not say goodbye but I say see you.
  • Sunday school (16-Sep-2016)
    Dear parents, Assalaamu Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh Reminder!!!! Sunday school will start this Sunday September 18 from 10:30am to 1:30pm
  • Eid Picnic 2016 (15-Sep-2016)
    Dear brothers and sisters, Eid picnic which was previously scheduled on Saturday (Sep 17, 2016) will be postponed to a later day when the community can participate. Only 15 families have signed up until today. And it is hard to plan without knowing how many people are attending. We will ask the community when is a good day to have the picnic and reschedule it on the new date that work for all families.
  • Eid al-Adha (09-Sep-2016)
    Dear Brothers and sisters, Eid al-Adha will be on Monday (Sep 12th, 2016) and Eid Prayer will start at 8:00 am in the mosque. Following Eid Prayer there will be community Breakfast. We are asking everyone to bring extra food as always. Jazak Allahu Khayran