As-Salamu Alaykum
(Peace be upon you)
Islamic Center of Las Cruces
Las Cruces, NM


  • SNMIC Links (25-Jun-2019)
    The SNMIC have changed their emails and signup links to be added for their newsletter and have asked us to inform the community. The new links and emails are below: Newsletter signup URL: Info Email: Secretary Email:
  • Final Letter to Community (23-Jun-2019)
    Assalamua alaikum, The ICOLC has transferred management of the mosque at this time to the Southern New Mexico Islamic Center. We are at the end of our transition. The ICOLC is a separate organization and we can no longer do announcements for the SNMIC. Please email Brother Amer Raidadah, the SNMIC secretary, at the following email address or use this subscription link ( to be added to the SNMIC email address list: We have written NAIT for the documentation for the SNMIC organization to pick up management of the mosque with its newly elected Board under recently adopted Bylaws. NAIT is requesting a few more documents, which should be final soon. Please find attached the letter to NAIT, and the SNMIC Bylaws as approved by the community, and adopted. Please contact the SNMIC for payment of dues, subcommittees, or mosque management. The ICOLC has taped the donation boxes temporarily so that all visitors to the mosque will stop making donations to the ICOLC for any and all mosque purposes. All SNMIC dues payments have been transferred to the SNMIC treasurer, in full. All initial fees and expenses for the SNMIC start up were donated by various members of the community. Much thanks to all of them. We will be transferring our Imam fund to the SNMIC only to be used for the purpose for which it was donated by the community. The Cemetery fund will be used for the purpose for which specifically donated. Phase 1 has been completed and Phase 2 has been started, and contracted to be completed soon, InshaAllah. The general fund is low and should cover final utilities, minor expenses to finalize the transition process. We have a small fund with NAIT, which we will transfer to the SNMIC. The ICOLC will continue with our outreach booth, and interfaith and charity work, in the short term. We are leaving all our organizations’ inventory, general supplies and equipment currently at the mosque for the community and the SNMIC. We will donate to the SNMIC, remaining items of a canopy, portable speaker, and projector when we are done using them. Thank you to the community for all the years of blessings in managing the mosque, and how far we have come, Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward each one of you for your generous and steadfast support of the ICOLC over many years. May Allah, Subhanahu wa Taala, help the SNMIC administration to do the best work for the entire community. Most Sincerely, -The ICOLC administration
  • Eid Picnic and BBQ Gathering (17-Jun-2019)
    The Las Cruces Muslim Community are invited to celebrate Eid on the 22nd of June at Preciado Park at NMSU. Registration is needed for the headcount and food estimate using this link: There will be kids entertainments (Bounce House, Jumpers, Popcorn, Cotton Candy and more). Chicken and Meat BBQ will be done onsite and food will be served. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  • SNMIC webpage and Facebook (07-Jun-2019)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Soon we will be shutting down the ICOLC website. You will find the new website and Facebook page of the mosque in the following links. New website: : currently under construction, it will be up and operating soon The new organization Facebook page:
  • SNMIC Election Result (04-Jun-2019)
    As-salamu alaikum, The IEC would like to inform you with the Election Results for Southern New Mexico Islamic Center. Please find the attached file below to see the results.
  • Eid Mubarak (03-Jun-2019)
    Dear Brothers and sisters, Eid will be on Tuesday June 4th, 2019 and Eid Prayer will start at 8:00 am in the mosque. Following Eid Prayer there will be community Breakfast. (we are asking everyone to bring extra food since we are always short). After the breakfast, Eid activities for the kids are planned at the mosque.
  • Ramadan Iftar by MSA (29-May-2019)
    The Muslim Student Association(MSA)at NMSU cordially invites you to a Ramadan Iftar on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the NMSU Campus “O'Donnell Hall”. We hope this will be an NMSU tradition and would be continued as an annual event. Please find the flyer for this event at Also, there will be a cultural showcase from Jordan, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, and Indonesia. This year, the MSA would like to start a tradition to share the spirit of the month of Ramadan with the rest of the community at NMSU and Las Cruces. All guests are requested to RSVP on by Friday, May 31st so that we have a headcount. Warm Regards, MSA at NMSU
  • SNMIC Election (29-May-2019)
    Assalamu alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please note that, Election will be held on Eid day and begin just before prayers, and end at about 1:00 pm. Please come and participate so the SNMIC's first Board and Advisory Committee can be elected after a full, legitimate election. -From the SNMIC IEC
  • Personal Statement of AC Nominee (25-May-2019)
    Assalamu alaikum, Brother Tareq Alhalholy was not able to post a personal statement as an Advisory Committee nominee because he had not decided to run at the time the statements were posted. Please find his statement below. Dr. Adnan, an Advisory Committee nominee, did not provide a personal statement. -From the SNMIC IEC.
  • Personal Statements of Nominees (21-May-2019)
    As-salamu alaykum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please find the attached file with personal statements of all nominees of SNMIC election published by IEC.
  • Community Iftar (17-May-2019)
    Dear brothers and sisters, We have community IFTAR today (Friday May 17). Dr Iqbal is inviting the community for IFTAR at the mosque. We will be assigning this Saturday and Sunday (May 18 and 20) as daily IFTAR days. We are only short $1000 to meet our target goal of $5000 for Ramadan Iftar donation. We also installed New Water Heater last Monday.
  • ICOLC Ramadan2019 Announcements (09-May-2019)
    1)Jumah Fundraiser: a. Friday May 10, Las Cruces Muslim Cemetery project. b.Friday May 17, United Hands Relief organization will visit us to collect donations for the Muslim in need for your help around the world. c.Friday May 24, ICOLC asking for your donation for Zakat and General Fund to support our Las Cruces Community. d.Friday May 31, Islamic Relief organization will visit us to collect donations for the Muslim in need for your help around the world. Please bring your checkbook, cash to help our community and the Muslim world in need. 2)Ramadan Iftar: a.Daily Iftar ( Monday – Friday ) i.Many thanks for all (sisters and brothers) food donation. ii.Many thanks for all the (sisters and brothers) helping with Iftar setup and cleaning. iii.Many thanks for all the (sisters and brothers) participating in our Iftar. b.Community Iftar ( Saturdays ) i.Everyone is welcome to the community Iftar ii.All Saturdays in Ramadan are reserved. c.Special Events ( Sundays ) i.Sunday May 12 is reserved as a daily Iftar day. ii.Sunday May 19 is currently open. iii.Sunday May 26 is tentatively blocked for Outreach at NMSU. iv.Sunday June 2 is blocked for Outreach. Please donate to the Ramadan fund we are short $2500. 3)Tarraweeh: On behalf of the Muslim community we thank the volunteers leading the prayer. 4)Babysitter: On behalf of the Muslim community we thank our sister taking this task to help us pray in peace. 5)Zakat El-Fitr We will start collecting Zakat El-Fitr the last week of Ramadan. The zakat amount is $10. 6)Maintenance a.Water Heater Replacement is scheduled for next week. b.Toilets repairs also next week. Thank You ALL. -ICOLC
  • Ramadan Kareem 2019 (05-May-2019)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, InshaAllah the first day of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan will be on the 6th May (Monday), 2019. The Taraweeh prayer will start on Sunday at 9:30 pm. The Ramadan schedule can be downloaded from the following link.
  • SNMIC Board summary (04-May-2019)
    As-salāmu alaykum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, To help people do the nominations, the IEC is publishing a summary for the positions of the SNMIC Board based on the Bylaws. Please take a look at it to know about the special qualifications, term lengths and exact responsibilities of each position.