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As-Salamu Alaykum
(Peace be upon you)
Islamic Center of Las Cruces
1065 E Boutz Road
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Welcome Message
The Muslim community of Las Cruces invites everyone to visit the center at any time convenient for you. Please schedule an appointment in advance so that we make sure someone is there to show you around. Please enjoy your time browsing our website. We hope this website will serve as a small window to Islam and the Las Cruces Muslim community. If you have any questions or comments, or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us.
Upcoming Events
Garage Sale - 23rd Sep,2017
Dear Muslim community in Las Cruces, Assalamu alaikum, Wives of Dr Aswad and Dr Elaksher are coordinating a garage sale on Saturday September 23, from 9am to 12pm at the Islamic Center of Las Cruces. All families are invited to participate and donate any unwanted items to the Garage sale. The revenue from the Garage sale will be used for community activities. Please bring your items on Friday September 22 after Jumah prayer to the mosque. Rules: 1) Sales item must be clean. 2) Sale item must not be broken. 3) Cloths must be nicely folded. 4) Each item must have a price tag on it. 5) Set up is 8:30am. Please volunteer to help the sisters. Please contact the sisters above if you have any questions.
Aqiqa Invitation - 31 Aug 2017
Assalamu 'alaikum everyone, Brother Majed and brother Maher would like to invite all of you to the Aqiqa of their daughter/son right after Magreb prayer on Thursday (August 31st)- the day of Arafa. Every body is welcome whether you will be fasting that day or not.
Farewell Dinner
Dear Brothers and Sisters, InshaAllah, we will have a farewell dinner for our long-time community member Dr. Abdulmalikk Algahmy and his family tomorrow (Friday) night at Masjid Al-Huda between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers. Dr. Abdulmalik Algahmi and his family are moving to Utah, he accepted a new position there and they are leaving next week. We hope to see you all there. Jazakum Allah Khairan. Thank you